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The Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad operates the Siskiyou Line from Springfield Jct. (Eugene), Oregon to Black Butte,California and the Coos Bay Line from Eugene to Coquille, Oregon. Both of these lines are former Southern Pacific branches which were sold off at the end of 1994.  (Until the opening of the Natron Cutoff in 1926, the Siskiyou Line was part of the SP main between San Francisco and Portland.)

CORP began life on January 1, 1995 when the"GoTeam" from then-parent company Railtex arrived and took over operation of the Siskiyou and Coos Bay lines from the Southern Pacific.  Overnight the tunnel motors were gone from the haulers, relaced by GP-38's and GP-40's. The SD-9's hung around for a bit, but soon those were also gone as more four axle power arrived in Oregon.
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CORP Map Color map with both the Siskiyou and Coos Bay Lines stations, interchange points and other features.  (106 KB)
Coos Bay Mid-Winter on CORP in Coos Bay. 
Train Schedule Complete schedule (times are approximate) of CORP Trains and their job numbers
Canyon Solitude
A hi-rail journey through rugged Cow Creek Canyon on a dark, damp December day.  This is about the country CORP runs and how the rails wind through this scenic terrain.  A departure from the usual railfan fare, Canyon Solitude is moody and artistic. 
CORP Roster The Mother of All CORP Rosters with sections on current power and power that once worked on CORP but is now gone.  Included are pictures of all  locomotives currently on CORP plus most of the others.
Radio Frequencies CORP uses multiple repeaters and frequencies to facilitate communications in the mountains and valleys of southwest Oregon and northern California.
Signals Close up looks at semaphores, wig-wags, colorlights, and modern grade crossing protection.  Ride along with CORP Signal Maintainer Rick Perry as he inspects, tests and upgrades signal systems along the railroad.  Take a look as new, state of the art Electrocode installations replace semaphores.  Check out what bladesare left on the CORP Semaphore List.
CORP Today The first section of CORP Today features Jobs 507/509, the South Hauler out of Medford, Oregon to Black Butte, California.  Take amid-winter look at this train lugs 3450 tons over the Siskiyous. 
Cow Creek Canyon Cow Creek Canyon, between Riddle and Glendale, Oregon, is one of the most remote and scenic sections of the Siskiyou Line  There are 6 tunnels, a clear, free-flowing creek, steep canyon walls and trees everywhere.  Join the hi-rail trip as Rick maintains grade crossing signals and assorted detectors and we check out other features on this fascinating territory. 
The Early Months Pictures of Central Oregon and Pacific trains and power for the first six months.  A few experiments and a couple surprises.
Over The Hill CORP had promised that they would reopen the southern end of the Siskiyou Line which SP had embargoed two and a half years before CORP's takeover.  In just over six months, CORP was running trains south out of Ashland over the Siskiyous into California.  I joined my engineer friend Jim Armstrong on a run over the steepest mainline grade in the West.
1996 High Iron Special In April, 1996 HighIron Travel put together a rare mileage passenger special on CORP.
Night Run to Glendale A different look at the railroad by the light of the moon; the shine of Seven Moons, and some lessons in fatigue and sleep deprivation.  A few pictures plus some stories of the North Hauler from Medford to Glendale and back.
Fiber Optics Train The Southern Pacific Construction Services fiber optics train ran on (and tore up) CORP during the summer of 1997. 
Amtrak Talgo on CORP Pictures of the first passenger train on the Siskiyou Line in 45 years*.
     *There's been considerable discussion about whether this train was REALLY the first passenger train on the Siskiyou Line  in 45 years or if the Spiritof the West in 1988 or the April, 1996 rare milage special are considered passenger trains.  In any case, this was the first movement in a long time that was widely advertised and carried the general public.
Reedsport Wig-Wag & Bridge A successful quest for the lone Wig-Wag on the Coos Bay Line, a look at the railroad bridge over the Umpqua River and some pictures of the signals guarding that bridge.

Links about the Central Oregon and Pacific
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Xingman's Web Page CORP Signal Maintainer Rick Perry finally started a site of his ownwith some great signal pictures and even a section about himself. "The Internet site dedicated to preserving our signaling heritage." is temporarliy (we hope) down.
Effective February 4, 2000, RailAmerica took over Railtex and became CORP's new parent company.
Richard Wrede's site on the Siskiyou Line.  Some excellent pictures of the Medford -- Hornbrook Hauler. 
Richard's site continues to evolve and keeps getting better and better.
Bob Morris (aka Photo Bob) has a series of B&W and Color photos of the Siskiyou Line from Hornbrook to Weed.  Bob is a professional photographer living in Dunsmuir and has an extensive collection of Shasta Area and Southern Pacific Railroad pictures at Robert Morris Photography
Dan'sRoad Trip to 
Dan Furtado who does Dan'sWig-Wag Site  made a pilgrimage to Northern California and Southern Oregon in search of Wig-Wags and other ancient signals. 
Moving Mass over the Mountains Fred Harrison's photo documentary of the Medford - Hornbrook Hauler in March, 2000.  An excellent set of pictures, well presented.
Join CORPfan Group The CORPfan list is dedicated to the discussion of Semaphores, Wig-Wags, Motive Power, Operations and anything else ofinterest on CORP. 
Join RailAmerica Group This list is devoted to the Railamerica (and former Railtex) empire of shortlines, stretching from the Pacific NW tothe Atlantic seaboard.
Join Wig-Wag Fan The forum for discussion of antique railroad signals including Wig-Wags, Semaphores, older searchlight signals and other types of early grade crossing signals.
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