Southern Pacific Construction Services
Fiber Optics Train

On the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad 
July, 1997

SPCS GP-7 No. 500

In a departure from Alpha Rail Net's tradition of including stories and captions with the pictures, this page is displayed mostly as just pictures.  More about the train and it's operation on CORP will be forthcoming.  Visitors to this site with knowledge of the train's operation on CORP are encouraged to email Alpha Rail Net with information that may be included on this page.

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SPSC Fiber Optics train at Rogue River, OR Cab of lead GP-7 No. 500 Long hood of trailing GP-7 No. 501
Leading end of Plow Car Lead end of Plow Car Trailing end of Plow Car
Spool car No photo of 60' box car still in
SP Hydracushion paint but 
lettered and numbered for SPCS

All Photos Copyright 1997, 1999 by Larry Tuttle

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This consist built on May 15, 1999
And last switched on December 2, 2000