Removing Semaphore in Hugo
Signals and 
Signal Maintenance on the 
 Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad 

 Part  4:  August 29, 1999
 Hugo to Glendale Semaphore Replacement Project
The Removal

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Attaching lifting sling to Semaphore With the cutover to the Electrocode signals complete, these signals stand lifeless at MP 505 just south of Tunnel 8.  The connection to the pole line (barely visible to the right) has been cut and wires dangle from the case of 5050.  A lifting sling is being attached to 5051 as the boom truck positions itself for the lift.
Lifting Semaphore from it's base. Next, as the boom truck steadied the mast, the bolts were burned off the base.

In this picture Dave eases the signal away from its concrete pier.

Laying over a semaphore Slowly, the semaphore is laid over on its face. Note the railroad tie in position to protect the blade from coming in contact with the ballast.
Signal 5051 laid over Its 87 year career of signaling trains on the Siskiyou Line over, signal 5051 lays next to the rails as the crew prepares to lift sister 5050.
Cutting wires from beneath case As signal maintainer Larry Okray steadies the case, Rick cuts the wires to signal 5036.
Like slain soldiers... Like slain soldiers, Semaphores 4988 and 4989, those silent sentinels of the Siskiyou, lay lifeless at trackside.
Semaphores on trailer Signals 5063 and 5064 are loaded onto a trailer and tied down for their trip up I-5 to Roseburg. 

By the afternoon of Monday, August 30, 1999 all 10 semaphores had been removed from the right of way.  The era of US&S Style B semaphore signal protection on another 22 miles of the Siskiyou Line is over.

Semaphore Blade What's going to happen to the old Semaphores?  With a few announcements on the Internet and through word of mouth, all Semaphores that have been removed are spoken for. The going price was $1200 for a single blade and $1500 for a double.

Project Stats

Track Involved
Between MP 488 (Hugo, Oregon) and MP 507 (Glendale)
Semaphores being removed
488.2 (Single) and 488.3 (Double) at north end of Hugo siding
498.8 (Single) and 498.9 (Single, formerly Double)
503.6 (Single) and 503.5 (Single, formerly Double)
505.0 (Single) and 505.1 (Single) At south end of Tunnel 8
506.4 (Double) and 506.3 (Single)
Color Lights being removed 489.4 and 489.3 (Two masts on Semaphore bases)
494.6 and 494.7 (North end of Leland siding)
497.0 and 497.1 (Two masts on Semaphore bases)
501.0 and 501.1 Wolf Creek
These signals will be retained by CORP and used elsewhere.
Color Lights being retained 491.0 and 491.1 (Single mast)
494.0 and 494.1  (South end of Leland siding)
These signals will receive Electrocode 4 Plus circuitry.
New Electrocode installations 488.2/488.3 (North end of Hugo siding)
496.1/496.2 (Lower Grave Creek crossing)
499.5/499.6 (Along Wolf Creek)
503.3/503.4 (In the Wolf Creek loop)
506.1/506.0 (Between Glendale and Tunnel 8)
Thanks to Eric Schmelz at and CORP for exact signal and milepost information

All photos and descriptions Copyright 1999 by Larry Tuttle

Special Thanks to Rick Perry, Rich Gollen, Glen Kilgore,  Dave Putman and the Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad

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This consist built on August 30, 1999
And last switched on December 3, 2000