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The signal systems on the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad are a study in contrasts.

Most notable are the Union Signal Type B lower quadrant semaphores installed around 1912 and still in service on much of the line between Ashland and Creswell, Oregon.  Over the past decade, however, these ancient bastions of railroad safety have been falling to more modern color light signals.   In 1998, 1999 and 2000 CORP installed several pairs of state of the art Electrocode controlled signals mounted on top of their equipment bungalows and communicating with other signals not by the traditional pole line, but by pulses of electricity sent through the rails.

Other sets of signal systems protect the traveling public at grade crossings.  These signals also span a wide range of technology with a handful of "Wig Wags" along less traveled roads to brand new Safetran 3000 and Harmon HXP-3 equipment controlling numerous flashing lights and gates on multi-lane thoroughfares.

With the help of CORP Signal Maintainer Rick Perry and entire Signal Department, we are allowed a close look at the diverse signal systems on the railroad and how these systems are changing.

Riding with Rick Perry I was fortunate to be invited to ride with CORP Signal Maintainer Rick Perry as he made his rounds inspecting, testing, cleaning and repairing the various warning and control devices that keep the trains rolling safely across the Oregon countryside.  Join us as he explains how each system works and just what it does. 
Replacement Projects CORP is in the midst of a signal upgrade project that will eventually replace the semaphore and wig-wags with more modern systems as well as eliminate much of the pole line along the right of way.  Take a look as Rick and his fellow maintainers install new systems and remove the ancient semaphores and wig-wags.
CORP Semaphore List A complete listing of all Union Switch and Signal Co. Style B Semaphores currently in operation on CORP's Siskiyou Line with notes or recent replacements and pending removals.  This list is an update of Eric Schmelz's Oregon List on
Wig Wags on CORP The Magnetic Flagman wig-wag signal, once ubitquitous on the Southern Pacific, plays its swan song on CORP.  Only a half dozen remain on the railroad today.  All six, plus the recently removed Yoncalla signal, are pictured, most with trains. 
For now, Rick Perry has the spotlight on CORP wig-wags on the web.  Be sure to use your back button to return to Alpha Rail Net.
Rogue River Semaphores The saga of 4650 and 4651, their removal and how 4651 found a new home.

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