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Images taken around Rochester, New York after the Penn Central Merger

Fresh out of college and with a some time to travel, I got together with Chuck in the summer of 1970.   We roamed about Upstate New York to see what had become of the New York Central and other roads in and around Rochester following the merger.

These pictures were scanned from slides taken with an inexpensive Instamatic camera.  Therefore, the quality is somewhat lacking.  Fortunately, I was able to improve on them with the wonders of the digital darkroom.

Eastbound passenger on former NYC main The power, rolling stock and right of way certainly look like the New York Central as this eastbound passenger train, with lots of head end cars, speeds past.  The concrete in the foreground is the abutment for the bridge that once carried the West Shore Line over the Water Level Route near Churchville, NY. 
Penn Central freight An TV (Trail Van) train head east past our perch on the bridge abutment.  At one time this trains' predecessors, the Central's Super Van (SV) trains were the fastest freights in the world.
B&O F's at Genesee Jct. One of my earliest memories of trains was from my pre-teen years going with my Dad to an outpost on the West Shore Line called Genesee Junction south of Rochester.  Here, the West Shore crosses over the B&O line into Rochester.  An interchange yard, on a grade (visible in the background), connects the two railroads.  A friendly operator in a little shanty would invite my Dad and me to come in and stay warm by the pot bellied stove.  Sometimes a train would arrive on the Central to switch the yard while we were there and once the engineer invited us for a cab ride in what was most likely an RS-1.. 

By 1970 the shanty was gone, but the junction still was in operation.  The only train around during a brief visit was this B&O manifest heading north to Rochester.

B&O F's and Geep at Genesee Jct. The approach to the West Shore's bridge over the B&O offered a perfect place to photograph the three F-7's and GP-9 as they passes beneath us.
B&O F's and a Geep at West Ave Engine terminal The B&O's branch into Rochester ended at a small yard and engine terminal along West Ave. near the old NYC main line.  Note the turntable that the lead unit is partially on.  It would appear that F-7's and GP-9's were the standard power for B&O trains to Rochester.  These locomotives, and the ones below are different from those pictured above.
Old paint scheme on B&O F-7B Sandwiched between two dark blue brethren was a single F-7B sporting the old blue and gold B&O paint scheme.  Regrettably, I was out of color film for my camera and the light was failing, but Chuck's telephoto lens captured this unit. 
Ancient B&O box car More than just old B&O locomotives inhabited the West Ave. yard in 1970.  This ancient box car, no doubt in company service, looks about 40 years out of place.
F-7 on Penn Central freight There was something about West Ave. and old stuff that summer afternoon as the Penn Central gets into the act with a manifest lead by a pair of F-7's, the first of which is pictured here. 
Penn Central transfer caboose This more modern transfer caboose, coupled in the middle of the train for some reason, brings us back to 1970 on what was once the New York Central main line.

Images and text Copyright (C) 1999, 2000 by Larry Tuttle

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